Toy Swap

Posted on July 19, 2018

Tuesday 24th July - 10am-12noon

Let’s face it. Toys can be expensive and are often time limited. If you are like most parents and carers, you probably have a whole pile (or two) at home that your preschooler doesn’t even look at anymore.

A toy swap is a great way to extend the life of toys, save money and resources by swapping rather than buying new. Plus you get to pass on of some of those much loved, or unused, toys while picking up some “new” ones that your little one might enjoy at little to no cost. Everyone wins. Your child gets some new playthings while you get some extra space in your house.

1. Bring up to 5 toys including books, lego, gadgets, block sets, soft toys, board and electronic games, anything really!
2. Hand over toys at the check in table where they will be stickered with different colours based on value.
3. Collect your tokens . E.g. If you get 3 yellow $5 and under tokens, you can swap for 3 yellow items or 1 $5 – $20 item.
4. Once all toys are checked in, the tables are opened and you can claim new toys with your tokens!

Golden rule: Only bring toys you’d be happy giving to a friend. No broken, damaged or dirty toys past their play-by date will be accepted.

1. Check in toys from 10.00am – 10.30am.
2. Swap will run 11.00am – 12.00pm
3. This event is for toys suitable for children 10 years and under.
4. Plastic toys are absolutely welcome – we want to give these toys a life extension. 
5. There are 3 categories: under $5, $5 – $20 and $20 and over.

Our Toy Swap will be taking place alongside our weekly playgroup "Twinkle Twinkle Tuesdays" in front of Coles supermarket